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1. What is the legal entity of your business?

2. In one sentence, how would you describe your business to a new acquaintance (i.e. what does your company do?)

3. Would you say that your industry is:

4. Which of these best describes your knowledge of a merger, acquisition, or spinoff?

5. Which of these best describes how your business plan and strategy are documented?

6. What approach do you take to forecast the financial results of your business?

7. Do you have documentation identifying all the intellectual property assets held or utilized by the company?

8. What is the quality of your documentation, accounting and reporting of your tangible assets (buildings, equipment, etc.)?

9. How is your company and client information stored? Do you have your own servers? Cloud storage? If your company utilizes cloud storage, which company provides it?

10. Are all company personnel trained in their cybersecurity roles and responsibilities, and is refreshment training provided for:

-Privileged Users
-Management and Executives
-Third Parties (e.g. outside vendors, suppliers)

11. Which of the following best describes the exclusivity of your business to your customers:

12. Thinking about the market share for the products / services that you sell, do you sell to:

13. Which of the following best describes the typical level of customization which you offer your customers?

14. Please estimate the percentage of your customers who are VERY SATISFIED with the services/products which your company provides:

15. Which of the following best describes your business model?

16. How do you typically get paid by your customers?

17. What percentage of your sales/revenue (i.e. turnover) is “recurring”? Recurring is defined as subscriptions, maintenance contracts, or annuity streams that your customer must proactively turn off or cancel in order to stop receiving the product or service.

18. In the next 12 months, do you expect your revenue (i.e. sales / turnover) to:

19. Which of the following best describes the possibility of your company selling more to your existing customers?

20. If you could achieve just ONE of the following goals in the next 12 months, which one would it be?

21. Which of the following best describes your long-term goal for your business? I plan to:

22. Why is your company acquiring?

23. Is there agreement among the Executive Team and/or Business Owners on why the company is acquiring?

24. What was your profit margin (before tax) in your most recent completed financial year?

Note: Please adjust your profit margin to reflect a market rate salary for the owner(s). For example, if you withdrew $350,000 in compensation but you could hire someone to replace you for $120,000, then estimate what your profit margin would have been if you had only withdrawn $120,000.

25. What was your company’s annual revenue (i.e. sales / turnover) in US DOLLARS last year?

26. When comparing your most recently completed financial year with the previous year, did your revenue (i.e. sales / turnover):

27. How much money can you borrow today without collateral being required?

28. What results has your executive team achieved performing business process integration?

29. How much experience does your executive team have performing technology or information system/platform integration?

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